October 22, 2007


Whenever people have talked about being on bed rest, I always think, "Wow...that sounds nice...like a vacation." But no, it's kind of not. There is so much stuff I have to do, but I can't. "Homework, I really need to work on homework..." and then I pass out. Or I think, "I could be working on crocheting right now," but my head is so foggy and my body just hurts to move. The only thing I can do is lay down, read, watch movies, and type.

Also, I'm kind of worried about work. Office Manager was definitely okay with me being out. She seemed genuinely concerned and sympathetic (she's had pneumonia before). They're just hiring a temp for the week. However, I can't help but worry. Earlier in the summer, we had a discussion about how much paid-time-off I had to use for a class (that was only offered during the day). I promised her that I wouldn't use anymore PTO until around Thanksgiving. Now, I know you can't predict or control the future. But I just feel like taking a full week off will look bad in their eyes.

I know I'm being totally illogical, but I can't help it.

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