October 31, 2007

"Not really family."

MIL is a perfectly nice woman. Whenever I've gone to dinner with her, she buys, engages me in conversation, etc. However, it's very rare that I go to dinner with them. Most of the time either I find out last minute and I already have plans or Josh alludes to it being a "personal family thing". The latter has become more common since Andy's death...I'm not really family so I don't get invited as often. Such as when they buried Andy's ashes. I asked Josh if he wanted me to come. He seemed uncomfortable and said his mom only wanted him, his sister, and his stepdad there. No one else.

Even before Andy's death, she has never seemed particularly interested in getting to know me. I think she only knows what Josh has told her about me. And we've been together for nearly five years now. Moreover, while she gives Kayden birthday and Christmas gifts, she seems to have no inclination to spend time with him. She changed her mind about coming to his b-day party, never goes to his games. This has gotten worse since Josh's sister had a baby, now that she has a "true" grandkid.

It's pretty bad when, to this day, I still feel much closer to Scott's family than to my real in-laws.

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