December 14, 2006

His name is B-I-N-G-O.

My brother gave me a holiday bear for Christmas back in '87, which I named Bingo. I have kept it all this time, breaking it out every December.

Last night, we pulled out the Christmas box and I pulled out Bingo. The Dude oh-so-politely asked if, now that I'm grown, Bingo could be his now. I was so touched that I said yes, Bingo would now be his--assuming, of course, he took good care of the precious bear.

After a moment, this conversation took place:

Dude: "I'm going to rename him Hornament."
Me: You can't. His name is Bingo.
Dude: But I don't like Bingo. His name is Hornament.
Me: No, his name will always be Bingo. He knows no other name. He's Bingo!
Dude: But I don't like--
Me: It's Bingo!

This commenced for a few minutes, until Josh finally stepped in.

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