November 26, 2006

Life is what you get when you fill in the blanks.

I've come to realize that my ex....likes to hang out with younger people so they look up to him...and he will never act like a real adult.

I am listening to.....the dishwasher and my chattering teeth (I'm cold!).

I talk....a lot when I've been drinking or when I know someone well...otherwise, I'm actually really shy.

I love.......way too many things to list.

My first real kiss......was in 7th grade, while wearing rollerblades and balancing on the very front wheel.

My first girlfriend/boyfriend....wiggled his nose (a la, Bewitched) a lot.

I hate it when people.....are stupid.

Love is.....knowing that everything (well, most everything) I'm thinking, smiling about, or annoyed with is understood and usually felt by Josh, as well.

Marriage is.....when you stop worrying so much about what the other person thinks of you.

Somewhere, someone is thinking.....that someone else just let a fart...oops!

I'll always......see next question

have a not-so-secret crush on......David Bowie.

The last time I cried was because....I was really stressed and Josh was being jerky.

My cell phone....never leaves my side.

Before I go to sleep at night....I check on my son.

Right now I am thinking much longer this post could be because I REALLY need to go to the bathroom.

Babies are......overrated. But I still want one.

I get on the computer....whenever I can.

Today I....bought and helped set up my son's x-mas tree, cooked dinner, read a book, helped K build a Lego Star Wars ship, cleaned up a little, helped K clean his room, did some dishes, homework...oy!

Tonight I will....hopefully go to the bathroom once this goddamn thing ends.

Tomorrow I will.....go to work and meet with one of my teachers.

This week I.....will call my credit card company to get the rates lowered, slack a lot at work, make cinnamon rolls on Friday, and hopefully get some relaxation on the weekend.

I really be debt-free so I can get into debt again.

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